Nancy Pelosi Ejected From Smithsonian Event for Being ‘Obviously Drunk as a Skunk’

Nancy Pelosi is at it again. Her latest bender has her showing up all over DC for embarrassing clashes with the press and the public. The Washington Post, a paper for and by libtards, has ignored 16 examples of her drunken follies this week alone.

The latest, however, will be hard to refute. Pelosi, after drinking what Tom Selleck called “an insane amount of single malt,” went on a drunken tirade at an event honoring new inductees into the Smithsonian Hall of Fame. This year, The Michelin Man, Spock, and the National Football Hall of Fame were inducted.

Pelosi, of course, had issues with the NFL. According to our source at the Smithsonian Central Police Command Center, Larry, there’s a lot more going on:

“Pelosi had people kneeling during the National Anthem at the Smithsonian Hall of Fame Opening Ceremony, which is held in the Great Hall of Flags, where THE Star Spangled Banner is forever immortalized. You can’t imagine the rage of anyone in the room with any military background.”

NFL commissioner Roger Rozelle was on the scene and said that he hasn’t seen something this disrespectful since Kaepernick got off the bench and took a knee:

“He thought he was gonna all of a sudden get the advice of a United States Marine and take a knee out of respect. What the hell kind of publicity stunt is that? Pelosi is pulling the same crap, but right here, in front of the flag the damned song was written about.”

Pelosi’s disrespect got her removed before she could do any real damage.

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