Joe Biden Is Trying To Use The Quarantine To Steal The Election

Joe Biden is trying to use the global coronavirus pandemic to steal the 2020 election, and he’s doing it in plain sight. While President Trump has dropped all of the politics to respond to this crisis, Biden has moved on with business as usual.

According to sources close to the Biden campaign, Sleepy Joe is trying to increase the voter turnout for the November election by any means necessary. Higher voter turnout always favors Democrats, because they all vote 4 or 5 times each.

Apparently, Biden is looking into radical ideas to use the quarantine to make sure every registered voter has the opportunity to cast a ballot, even if they don’t have proper ID or if they’re from poor communities where most people don’t have time due to work.

His ideas include a national program to allow mail-in ballots for federal elections and an online voting strategy that would allow people under 30 to register and vote without having to go stand in line. On top of that, he’s going to recommend that anyone over 65 stay at home and vote from there to stay “safe,” which he knows would drop the amount of voted for Trump significantly, since most seniors have issues with caps lock, nevermind an online voter registration and ballot.

The bottom line is, Trump could lose the election if the Dems succeed in getting more people to vote, no matter what the means. Their plan to make the votes of people in large cities count as much as a rural farmer is contrary to what the founders wanted. They wanted minority rule, otherwise, there would be no electoral college.

How long will it be before they go after that, too? There is no way to keep the GOP in power if we allow everyone to vote, patriots, so make sure you write your congressman or senator and let them know you’re against all of this “increased turnout” mumbo-jumbo.

Seniors matter most. Especially in rural areas. Once these Tide Pod eating youngsters figure that out, America will be much better off.

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