‘Celebrating Our Border Guards’ Parade Theme- Patrolmen Will March

The truth is right in front of you

The White House today announced the theme that will dominate the Independence Day parade tomorrow in the nation’s capital.

“Border Patrol: The Brave Souls Protecting America From The Villainous Hordes Trying To Erode Our Moral Fabric”

Though lengthy, the message is clear : our Border Patrol Guards are essential to our security. They put their lives on the line everyday on our southern border and we owe them our gratitude and respect.

To emphasize this gratitude, President Trump gave them all a pleasant surprise:

“We owe our border patrol our very lives. They work tirelessly for us. Their families take a backseat to the border. The border is their life.

Well I want to give them some joy in their life. That’s why I have brought them all to Washington to march in our July 4 America Day Parade tomorrow.

They’re all here and they are pleased as punch! So come out tomorrow to salute them and give your thanks!”

When asked if their removal from duty would leave the border vulnerable, Trump answered with confidence,”Nah. There’s nobody coming. It’s Independence Day. They’re taking the day off like everyone else.”

God love our President! He knows how to support American sacrifice!

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