Giuliani Cleared of All Wrongdoing in Ukraine

Both the FBI and the NSA have finished their investigations into Rudy Giuliani’s dealings with Ukraine, and they both came to the same conclusion: There was no wrongdoing on the part of the President’s personal attorney. According to the report, which was handed to William Barr earlier today:

“The nation’s foremost experts on foreign policy and Ukraine in particular have concluded that while Rudy Giuliani’s exploits in the former Soviet republic were unorthodox, none of it rose to the definition of a crime.

Giuliani was simply acting in the best interest of his country, and any funds he was paid or billed to the President, the President of Ukraine, or anyone else involved in the case are protected by attorney-client privilege and don’t need any further explanation.”

The report went on to specifically state that the Ukrainians who are willing to testify against Trump and Giuliani are all “most likely on the Biden payroll or acting out of fear of retribution from the Clinton crime family.” Hillary Clinton isn’t someone to be trifled with, the report acknowledged, with more than 100 suspected murders and billions in bribery and extortion under her belt.

The next step would be to allow Giuliani to testify, but Trump has decided that he won’t be doing that. Not because he has anything to hide, but because it will “trigger the Democrats.”

Now that this dumb chapter of the witch hunt is over, we can get back to the business of exonerating the president, regardless of what he may or may not have done overseas. Nobody really cares anyway.

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