Pelosi: ‘We Will Not Pass Any Budget That Funds Law Enforcement’

The truth is right in front of you

The lawless Democrats are back to promoting anarchy. The thin blue line is the only thing standing between law and order and total chaos. And we don’t mean Private First Class James Mattis type chaos.

As part of their ANTIFA support to “Defund the Police,” the Democrats have vowed to not pass any budget that funds law enforcement on any level. This, in effect, will shut the country down just prior to the election and likely hand the Presidential election back to our Dear and Benevolent Leader, Donald Trump.

Fortunately for us, he is just the man for the job.

Speaker Pelosi spoke with Fred Ward about her plans to prevent funding to the police.

“I don’t like rules and I know that most Democrats and liberals don’t want to be told what to do. If we defund the police, there won’t be anyone around to tell us what to do. We’re Congress and we hold the purse strings.

Without our consent, there’s no budget. The Republicans can bring anything they want to us, but if it has even a dime for police, we’re going to laugh them right out of there. Sure, we’ll string them along and act like we’re considering what they have to say. When it comes time to push it out of committee, the Nays shall have it.”

The part that the Democrats aren’t counting on is the President’s Article 2 powers and a spineless Republican Senate that will allow him to do whatever he wants with the Defense budget.

According to White House Press Secretary Joe Barron, President Trump will personally oversee law enforcement from his new command center, located below the White House, funding or not. All police do their job for the love of the job and could not care less about whether they are paid.

Pelosi won’t be able to drink her way out of this one. Replace all Democrats this November and do your part to Keep America Great Again!

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