AOC Starts ‘Chain Migration’ Proceedings Against Melania Trump

The truth is right in front of you

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has sworn to now begin delivering  on the promise that got her elected - to have First Lady Melania Trump’s parents deported through Trump’s own laws against chain migration, adding that the subject of exiling Melania herself and offspring, Barron, would wait until “After Oompah-Loompah leaves the White House because it’s bad optics right now.”

AOC claims that President Trump’s own legal adjustment on the subject of chain migration should nullify the legal status of Oedipus and Jezebel Beelzebub,  Melania’s parents. She suggests that the only reason the two were granted citizenship was because of the status Melania received after her now celebrated Green Card wedding to our president. This is simply not true.

Melania, you see, comes from excellent genius stock. Both her parents would have been given automatic citizenship based on their own merits.  Oedipus is a world-class brain scientist, with a specialty in the psychological  area of family bonding. Jezebel is the world’s most prolific prostitute who says she “taught my little girl everything she knows. And look at her! The pupil has outdone the  instructor! I’m so proud.”

Ocasio-Cortez is just blowing smoke with this one. Regardless of how those two got into the USA, they are and always have been American.

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