Dem Senator : ‘If They’re So Safe, Put Barron Trump in Holding Camp’


Senator Don Julio, (D) Montana, may have overstepped his growing popularity this afternoon after a town hall meeting during which, on the subject of negligence reports in refugee children’s holding facilities and the White House’s failure to address them, the 3-term lawmaker quipped : “Yeah, well if they’re supposedly so safe, let’s put Barron Trump in one for a few days and see how he likes it.”

9-year old Bobby Schmekel was accidentally rounded up at a Mexican restaurant and complains that everyone in the camp smells like chipotle.

The remark was answered with thunderous applause from the mostly Democratic crowd, and condemned as “hateful” by conservative media.  Right-wing Facebook page “Uncle Sam’s MAGA Chumps” featured a post by administrator “Colonel Ballhair” :

“This Don Julio bitch is another great example of so-called liberal tolerance and love.  Picking on a kid.   We never picked on Chelsea or Melania or Sasha.  Much.  Besides, they’re girls.  Who cares.  I can’t believe I had to take time away from bitching about the black mermaid to post this.  Leave Barron alone.  Or me and my crew of fat hairy impotent bouncers are coming for you.”

“Right after we shake off this Mad Dog hangover. “

The Senator has also been condemned by the staff of the youngest Trump’s school, the St. Mayo’s Academy for Caucasian Poots in Whitehaven, New York.

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