AOC:’Children Should Be Raised By The State’

The truth is right in front of you

Democrat spokesperson, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, continues to push her socialist agenda and now it’s getting downright scary. Her latest genius plan is to socialize our children. That’s right, apparently AOC feels that upon birth, the offspring of American families should be taken from their homes to be raised by the state “so that they can do properly indoctrinated and become model citizens for a new and better American future.”

This is straight out of the Soviet playbook where children were routinely removed from households and molded into various roles for government. They were treated as possessions, not people, while families mourned.

AOC suggested this when asked her thoughts on the plight of orphaned children throughout the country, currently at 50 year high.

“Our children are underused in this country. Or rather, improperly used. They say children are the future. That is absolutely right. They hold the promise to shape the future of our nation. This can be positive or negative.

Orphans are in the right place. Government can begin their training early. All kids should go to government. By staying with family, children are fed varieties of information. There’s no consistency from one household to the next. This is counterproductive to the societal good. In order to further the interests of the country and all it’s citizens, there needs to be common learning amongst all of the young. Child rearing taken over by the state can accomplish this while also providing a safe and healthy environment in which to grow. Surrendering your children to the state is really the highest form of patriotism there can be. It shows you love our country and are committed to building its success for generations to come.”

If another reason was ever needed to join the fight against socialism, this is it. A system that would destroy families by taking away their children is not one that is consistent with American values. Don’t let it happen here.

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