AOC:’Democrats Will Eliminate Oil & Gas After We Take The White House Back’

The truth is right in front of you

The democrats, courtesy Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, are sealing their election fate more than a year before a single ballot has been cast. Every time she opens her mouth, you can almost hear another massive Democrat voting block switching over to Trump. The latest uttered nonsense would cost the country millions of jobs and trillions of dollars. Even liberals aren’t stupid enough to go for that. It would devastate our economy permanently.

As you have already discerned from the headline, Cortez is now swearing up and down that a democrat president will fully eliminate oil and gas from our economy. That means both direct and indirect job losses of up to 100 million. No Republican would ever back this plan. It completely defies logic. But the democrats seem committed to “greening the earth” and apparently plan to charge ahead. Ocasio-Cortez continued:

“Climate change, people! Fossil fuels are killing the planet!

We are a global leader in everything from economic activity to technological innovation to mass murder. It’s time we led the green revolution. And we need to do so with the biggest, boldest move ever!

We can easily switch our power sources from fossils to electricity and solar and wind and stuff. Fossil fuels are dinosaurs.”

This latest outburst of ludicrousity is the greatest ever heard from AOC from the republican perspective. You can hear the Democrat voting block switching to Trump like the whistling winds between her ears. Trump’s reelection is now a lock.

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