Meet The Man Hired By Soros To Smear Republicans

The truth is right in front of you.

George Soros works in the shadows, manipulating society and government from behind the scenes, keeping his own hands clean, and getting patsies to do all the dirty work and run all the risk of getting caught. 

So it is in the case of Esteban Contreras, an illegal immigrant that Soros has been sheltering in return for his work as “Official Republican Muck Raker for Soros Enterprises”. Contreras’ job is to drag good men through the mud for left wing political gain. 

He’s attacked Brett Kavanaugh, Roy Moore, Dennis Hastert, and several other big name republicans. His preferred method of attempting career destruction? Alleging sexual abuse, usually against women, but also, as in the case of Moore and Hastert, against children. That is how low he will go. 

Soros is never the guy swinging the bat. He’s ahwsys the driver.

Contreras has had varying degrees of success. In the case of Kavanaugh, he failed completely to keep the judge out of the Supreme Court , but he managed to cost Moore an election, and Hastert - his smear job against the former Speaker of the House was so successful that he convinced Hastert himself of his own guilt. Such is the power of Esteban Contreras. 

His existence is known but he’s rarely seen, being almost as shadowy a figure as Soros himself.  We can only hope that some he’ll slip up into criminal action so he can be captured and executed. 

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