AOC Says Government Should Be Able To Confiscate Citizen’s Property

The truth is right in front you

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a communist. She proves this everyday. If she’s not saying something overwhelmingly stupid, she’s spouting off about the evils of the proletariat and about the virtues of socialism. She wants a ban on motorcycles, a ban on trucks, she thinks the military is overpaid, and that police shouldn’t carry guns. Recently, she even suggested that firefighters should deliver mail. And now she’s opened her mouth again to say that government should have the right to confiscate the private property of legal citizens of these United States.

Cortez made a passionate speech before congress on Wednesday advocating for all three levels of government to be given the legal right to take away personal property from the people in order to create what she called “a more utopian society of love and equality. The speech is seen, in part, below.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we live in a country full of greed and selfishness. The people no longer care about helping others as they should and as they have in the past. America was great when people didn’t think only of themselves and of how much stuff they could accumulate.

But as government, we must think of everybody cuz that’s good. And we can make ourselves even gooder by eliminating the ability of people to get so proud of their possessions.

Pride is a sin for a reason. In this case, it’s because it keeps others down. The wealth of the some needs to be spread out so the all have something too.

I, for one, will not rest until government has the ability to confiscate possessions of citizens so that the money we make from those goods can be used to better the world. This I vow.”

If AOC thinks Americans will just sit back and allow the government to steal from them, she’s even dumber than previously thought. Such tyranny is the reason why the second amendment was created.

We’re ready for you, Alexandria. Come try to take what’s mine.

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