Soros Was Personally Involved With This Year’s Most Deadly Mass Shooters

The truth is right in front of you

What do four of the past year’s most deadly mass shooters have in common?

They each had personal relationships with none other than rabble rousing socialist billionaire, George Rudolph Soros.

That’s right. Investigators have have found a commonality between many shooters in America and it is Soros. Record searches on the internet and in mass media produced photographic evidence, in the form of pictures with random individuals, of the billonaire’s personal involvement with at least 4 killers of 2019.

Wow. Just wow.

Another shared trait is that in all 4 cases, it had appeared that the gunmen were motivated by the words of our President. In the aftermath of each of these slaughters, both law enforcement and media reported that the murderers showed strong support for Trump and the MAGA movement. This misinformation was used to smear the good intentions of President Trump as something heinous and evil. Evidence provided by police seemed to support this but with this new information, all of that has been cast into doubt, the likes of George Soros being at odds with the President’s plans. It now appears to have been a massive set-up to frame the violence with improper motives.

Those in the know have long suspected this but lacked any proof of their conclusions. It appears to have now arrived, and the investigations will begin anew.

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