AG Barr Orders Full Investigation of Bill Gates

Insiders at the Department of Justice have confirmed that Attorney general William Barr has ordered a full investigation of Bill Gates, including the intentions of his “charitable foundation.” Gates, who has never been accused of doing anything nefarious other than stealing Windows from Xerox, is now thought to be behind a global Deep State initiative to inject the population at large with RF Chips.

While that accusation seems to be completely unfounded and the people who started the rumor appear to be absolute nutbars, the Justice Department has uncovered other items of interest they may be looking into instead.

For example, it’s come to the DOJ’s attention that Gates has given away millions of dollars worth of medical supplies to under-developed countries under the guise of “philanthropy” while there are still homeless veterans right here in the US. Most of the money he spends goes to “vaccinating” underprivileged children from diseases like polio, rubella, and pertussis, which — as we all know — were cured here in America a long time ago.

Several scientists have posted their findings on YouTube since “peer-reviewed” journals only accept facts and research, not speculation, and what they call “junk science.” Those videos have revealed that the vaccines Gates is giving those children are more likely to extend their life past childhood, at which time they could be radicalized by ISIS and become a threat to our very freedoms.

That’s not all. Gates has also pledged to give 90 percent of his estate to charity when he dies, which sounds nice but is actually just a clever way for him to get past the Democrat death tax. Which charity will get his money? How do we know none of it will go to the corrupt Clinton Foundation or to that fake wall scam artist Brian Kolfage?

The whole thing is a disgrace. Hopefully, AG Barr finds a way to put an end to it before billions of dollars of our money gets wanted on Bill Gates’ dreams of being a “decent human being.”

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