Planned Parenthood Doctors Play As Children Perish

The truth is right in front of you.

The moral outrage against doctors at Planned Parenthood has reached monumental heights after our own investigation has revealed the depths of their depravity. 

I, Rod Gozinya, personally went undercover into clinic to find out what really goes on in the cabins of carnage, and what I found was absolutely horrifying. These ‘doctors’ of doom have no respect for the sanctity of life, as we well know. We also had inklings of their disrespect for the dead but what I witnessed showed a lack of compassion that will blow all of your minds. 

I’d established myself as an orderly and gained their trust over several months by bringing in clients to murder their babies. Once that trust was established, they were very open with me, allowing me to see their treatment of the lost souls. 

At one point, immediately following a baby extraction, I saw two of the physicians hold up a baby and begin to pull violently at its legs, one on each limb. After a few moments, I realized what they were doing. They were treating the child like a chicken bone. They were playing ‘wishbone’, seeing who would get most of the body after ripping its limbs off. It was appalling. 

At other times, I had the sickening displeasure of seeing a snuffed our life being tossed in a hallway like a football, even being ‘spiked’ to the ground at one point, where it splattered. Yet another time, two staff members picked up the lifeless bodies and made them “dance” and laughed. 

These people have no souls. The truth is now revealed. 

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