Team USA Begs For Second Chance; ‘Please Invite Us To The White House’

THe truth is right in front of you

They were invited to dine with the President of the United States at the White House, a reward for their victory on the field, in lieu of substantial monetary gains. A great honor. And they refused.

After being incited to do so by their captain, Team USA - Women’s Soccer Edition -  refused a trip to the White House to meet with President Trump. The team capitain, Megan Rapinoe, not only refused to allow her team to enter “that evil chamber”, as she called it, but she also bad mouthed our commander-in-chief, calling him every name in the book and then some.

All of this was in response to President Trump extending his hand in love and friendship to our nation’s champions. He simply wanted to congratulate them on they’re victory by allowing them to bask in his glow  in D.C. Barbs and threats were not what he expected but that’s what he got. He expressed his emotions in response to the team’s words:

“It saddens me to hear they think so little of me when I simply wanted to congratulate them. No matter. I guess I’ll just go visit them in their locker room. When you’re President, you can go anywhere you want.”

President Trump visited the GS Warriors in locker room during post-game showers after they were unable to attend in Washington.

The team wasted no time when they heard this. They obviously felt the President shouldn’t be put out by travelling to them in the middle of his busy schedule, so they’ve asked for another chance to see him at the White House. They presently await Trump’s official response.

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