Pelosi has New Obama Statue Placed In Capitol Rotunda

The truth is right in front of you

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi continues to shove the nightmare of the last American President down our throats, this time with the installation of a brand new Barack Obama statue in the center of the Capitol Rotunda.

The piece, titled “Obama For Future Generations”, depicts a grotesque Obama waving and dragging a small child behind him. Artist Satya Martin explains her vision:

“When I envision Barack Obama, I see a man. A real man. A man I’d like to know better. And a man who had vision.

He really spoke to me, you know? I dig him.”

Martin at play during our interview. We’re fairly certain she was high.

Pelosi added some hot air of her own at the gala celebration of the statue’s introduction:

“President Barack Obama was hands down the greatest leader this country has ever seen. This great honor is long overdue. That’s why this work of art was created and that’s why I authorized the expenditure. The $6 million the American people paid is a bargain.

This piece will be seen by future generations in the same way they see The Lincoln Memorial or the big phallic tower out there. It will be viewed as a great memorial to a great man. Long after he is gone, Obama will be known as a beautiful legend and this piece will support that view.”

Moscow Mitch pushes for this as he felt it was “more representative of American government”

The statue, because of its placement, will be the first thing that anybody sees when they enter the dome. What a disgusting image to have to walk into. This is a disgrace to our capital. Let’s hope Trump can arrange it’s quick removal.

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