Sasha May Be Pregnant And Barack Is Not Happy About It

The truth is right in front of you

The Obama Family has one scandal after another. From the crimes of the father while in office to mom’s sexuality to Malia’s trouble with the law, there seems to be no end to the juicy gossip surrounding their clan.

Now Sasha is embroiled in turmoil too. Rumors are swirling that the young Sasha has found herself pregnant. To make matters worse, nobody has any idea who the father is.

As far as her family knew, Sasha wasn’t even having intimate relations and never had. She’s hardly ever alone so this mess  is baffling to all. Additionally, a medical procedure that she underwent 8 years ago was supposed to have resulted in an inability to have children.

This is Sasha. She is not pregnant and Obama does not know her.

President Obama was dismayed when he heard and was overheard speaking to his wife, Michelle:

“How did this happen? She’s always been so innocent and proper. She’s never even shown any interest in boys. When could she have even had sex?

I am so mad right low! That little b**ch! We are not going to have a litter of hers roaming around here. I’m not taking care of them!

If she’s knocked up, she’s putting them up for adoption. She’s too little to take care of kids. We’ll find another home for the little ones.”

Sasha was always thought of as sweet and innocent by all who met her, which Obama has not. This will shock many.

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