‘How To Escape ICE’- Pelosi Provides Pamphlets For Illegals

The truth is right in front of you

Democrats aren’t even trying to hide their treason anymore. Between sanctuary cities, allowing Ilhan Omar into government, and promotion of socialism, their hatred for America is on full display. Now they’re using literature to advertise their traitorous activities in print.

The Circle Office - official office of the Speaker of the House - has been distributing pamphlets in sanctuary cities throughout the country which advise the approximately 100 million illegal aliens residing within how to evade capture and deportation by ICE agents, prior to the nationwide sweeps they’ve announced.

The leaflet gives detailed instructions like “pretend you’re not home”, “hide in an attic or under the floorboards”, and “scream,’I KNOW MY RIGHTS!’ if asked for ID and walk away as if you are a citizen”.

Also mentioned,”get a job at Mar-A-Lago or any other Trump or Republican politician owned property ASAP for they will hide so that they can continue to exploit you”, implying that Republicans will disobey the law. WRONG. Or “wear maga hats and insult all minorities you come across in hopes that you will blend in”. This could work.

They are also advised to buy and read the Clif Notes version of “The Diary of Anne Frank” for “top notch tips on escaping persecution for years”.

This is aiding and abetting criminals, pure and simple and that is also a crime. It’s high time that the Democrat crooks were prosecuted.


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