Pictures Surface of Biden at Pro-Castro Demonstration

Joe Biden tries to sell himself as a pro-democracy man of the people. He thinks his humble background and hard-working reputation make him the guy to speak for the American people.

He’d probably be right if it wasn’t for pictures like this one that surfaced recently of Biden at a Castro rally in 1964. He was just a kid, still in college, but he knew what he was doing.

Is this the man you want at the head of your country’s military? What if Cuba attacked us right now? What would Joe Biden do?

Disgraceful, patriots. Truly disgraceful. And you can let them know at the White House complaint line. Call anytime. They have to take a message; it’s the law:

(260) 275-5864‬

Tell them you saw the picture and that he needs to resign or else be voted out in disgrace and impeached. Possibly even arrested for treason and all assets seized. This is serious.

Gooooooozfraba, taters. It’ll be okay.

Our photography expert says while the guy in the glasses probably isn’t Joe Biden, the guy behind him, who is obviously leaning in to sniff someone, can’t be ruled out.

This pathetic display of anti-Americanism can’t stand, patriots. Or…maybe it can, who knows.

God bless America.


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