Judge Rules Against NASCAR, Says ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Is Free Speech

Sorry, NASCAR. You don’t get to decide what people can and can’t say. Just like when you tried to take away our rights to the confederate flag. There’s this thing called the United States Constitution, and it means a lot.

That’s pretty much what Judge R. Einhold of the 63rd Federal District Court of Appeals and Deeds told NASCAR in an emergency session this morning. The case, brought by the guy inadvertently responsible for “Let’s Go Brandon,” Brandon Brown, came after NASCAR decided they were going to disallow an already approved ad campaign and paint job.

Now, because of the ruling, Brown is no longer restricted to “LGBcoin” on his car. He’s welcome to say whatever he wants, so he went ahead and added the slogan he had agreed not to use, because they made it a war, not him.

Good for you, buddy. We can’t call you “Brandon,” because that’s Joe Biden’s new name, but congrats anyway.

In the wake of the ruling, other teams have scrambled to add some good ol’ free speech to their cars as well. So far, “Trump Can Go Fook Himself,” “My Wife Is A Whore,” and “I’m Not Wearing Any Pants” are confirmed, but it doesn’t look like it will stop anytime soon.

According to NASCAR spokesman, Joe Konders, The trend is disturbing but not unexpected:

“This is what happens when people realize the 1st Amendment means you can just basically say and do whatever you want with no consequences as long as you’re being free. It’s ridiculous, but here we are.”

That’s right, patriots. Here we are. Screaming fire in a crowded theater.

God bless America.

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