Pelosi House to Be Featured On Episode of ‘Hoarders’


According to the popular reality television program “Hoarders”, around mine million Americans have been diagnosed with a psychological disorder that impels people to “hoard” possessions within their homes to a disturbing degree.  As it turns out, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi…is one of those stories.

In a similar story, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is due to appear on IFC’s new program : “I Was Born With Dog Jowls.”

According to sources close to the Pelosi family, the show was contacted last year regarding Pelosi’s San Francisco estate, claiming that the domicile was filled with : “junk, garbage, and feral cats who had defecated and urinated on nearly everything.”  Neighbors of the residence have complained about horrible odors and insect infestation issues.   Am anonymous friend who has been inside the residence offered a glimpse to local news reporters :

“Nancy started awhile back, when she collected those Beanie Babies.  She must have had thousands.  That ballooned when she had an entire room filled with them, bottom to top.  Then came the stray cats, and they started pooping and peeing all over everything, so she started collecting afghans and quilts from thrift stores to cover it all up.  Then it was the H.R. Pufinstuf toys and the cartoon cookie-jars that she uses to piss in because the bathroom is full of Time magazines and old, rotten Hostess fruit pies.  It’s absolutely disgusting.”

Also disgusting - what Judge Jeanine Pirro can do to a banana in 10 seconds.

Show producers say Pelosi was reluctant to reveal her obsession at first, due to her public image, but was convinced by concerned family and friends to contact them for assistance.  Pelosi will share the episode, which airs next Wednesday, with a man in Kentucky whose 2-bedroom home has nearly collapsed from the weight of dead possum corpses.


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