MTG Joins Trump, 6 Other Conservatives in Billion Dollar Class-Action Suit Against Twitter

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s suspension from Twitter was the final straw, patriots. It gave our side the exact number of people needed to file a class action suit under federal law. Because of her brave actions in speaking out that got her suspended indefinitely, a liberal lie machine will pay…and pay dearly.

Greene, Trump, and 6 others give their legal team the 8 parties needed under USC Title 46, Section 5 of the Universal Civil Code for litigating, as set aside by the founders themselves.

The case will be sent to the 67th Federal Court of Class Action Suits and Deeds.

The other six parties include Matt Goetz, Ben Shapiro, Alex Jones, Candace Owens, and Lauren Boebert. Boebert wasn’t suspended but doesn’t fully understand how things work, so we added her name as a courtesy.

According to the class legal team, they will be seeking damages in the amount of one billion dollars. Experts think that may be a little low, since they’ll have to split the money seven ways and find a shiny treat for Boebert.

Twitter CEO Art Tubolls says he’s not budging on the suspension because MTG is “quite possibly the dumbest person on the planet next to Lauren Boebert.” Boebert responded by licking a window.

None of this is right, patriots. Twitter can’t just eradicate free speech on their private platform that these people agreed to the rules on when they signed up. It’s un-American. We can’t have that.

God bless the USA, patriots.

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