Kamala Harris Slams NASCAR And Fans Over Brandon Chant

The truth is right in front of you

NASCAR and auto racing are uniquely American. So is freedom of speech. Put them together and you have a slice of pure Americana. Nothing beats a summer day at the track knocking back a few cold ones with friends and other like minded people, taking in the race and enjoying the company you’re with. It’s truly an American experience that cannot be beat.

Recently, NASCAR fans have a new tradition. That is chanting Let’s Go Brandon at the races. Now, race car driver Brandon Brown has got in on the action, even picking up a sponsor that has put Let’s Go Brandon on his car. The NASCAR star understands the double meaning of the chant and loves it, as it’s a celebration of himself and a taunt at Joe Biden, especially since Brown is a massive Trump supporting patriotic American.

Kamala Harris, who’s known to be kind of a she devil when it comes to anything Patriots enjoy, has taken issue with the chants and NASCAR fans themselves. She denigrated the sport and its fans over the Let’s Go Brandon phenomenon, and was incredibly vocal and hate filled when describing her irritation with the chants. She did not hold back with her insults to the Patriots who love good old Americana

“These people are unbelievably stupid, seeing them scream “Let’s go Brandon” and watching the fat dummies shaking their mayonnaise milkshakes to each other” Harris exclaimed, shaking her head. “I guess if I lived in a trailer next to a sewage facility in the Deep South, I would be a fan of this mind numbing “sport.” she continued. She also made fun of the fans that chanted let’s go Brandon. Clint Herzog, a lifelong NASCAR fan, decked out in MAGA gear and waving a lets go Brandon flag disagreed with Harris’ assessment. “I done love me some nascar and hate me some Brandon, and I’m a smart man!” He said, while a tooth came flying from his face.

Joe Barron, a nascar fan as well, had a lot to say as well. Much that we can’t print because A, it was full of profanity and B, we don’t know how to spell ignorant gibberish from the south. In any case, the walking ranch dressing bottles would be extremely angry over what the Vice President had said, but they can’t read, so no harm, no foul. God bless America.

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