Stacey Abrams Claims Trump ‘Touched Her Inappropriately’

Stacey Abrams, Democrat candidate for Georgia Governor, says President Trump touched her inappropriately the one and only time they met.

According to a source close to the Abrams campaign, Stacey is, as we speak, using the “incident” to build a smear ad against Trump that she thinks will help her in the next election.

Our reporter on the ground, Joe Barron, has obtained a transcript of the commercial’s narration track. He says it’s pretty sick:

“It’s pretty sick, Flagg.”

Essentially, Abrams will use the ad space to accuse Trump of groping her when they met randomly at a New Orleans steakhouse. Trump was ordering a well-done sirloin and Abrams was picking up a few hundred pounds of donated food for the homeless.

That’s when, according to her, Trump jumped out of his seat and just decided to start fondling her. According to eyewitnesses, it happened pretty much like that, but ended very differently:

“Stacey can take her time and tell whatever story she wants and Trump won’t say word one. He walked over and slapped her on the butt and she knocked his fat, orange ass out cold. He’s so embarrassed he’s paying me and three dozen other people $700K to keep quiet.

“The problem is, he had Giuliani draw up the papers. We changed a few things while he wasn’t looking. Now every time he comes in he has to cluck like a chicken 11 times and he’s only allowed to drink regular Coke.”

It doesn’t sound like this story is very credible, patriots, but so far, nobody has denied it. It would appear Trump did, in fact, touch her inappropriately and without her consent.

But that’s okay. He’s allowed. It’s in the Constitutuion. God bless America.

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