Rittenhouse Uses GoFundMe Donations to Pay For Homeless Vet’s Burial

Kyle Rittenhouse continues to show us what “class” means. This kid, who was dragged through the mud by the liberal media, is doing amazing things with the money people are donating to his cause.

Kyle’s spokesman, Art Tubolls, has announced that Kyle has offered to pay the burial expenses for a lost homeless veteran:

“Kyle has received a bunch of donations and has decided to use them for good. He feels that this is a positive way to give back to his community.”

What an amazing kid. Of course, the mainstream media will never report it, because they hate America.

A little break from the story for some geriatric porn. Mmmmmmm. Scoooooters.

Rittenhouse said he was honored to pay the tab for the lost vet’s burial. “I hope they find him soon, said the hero, “this cost me a fortune. My PR guy said pics of me at this thing will do wonders for my brand.”

The vet, Lieutenant Joe Barron of the 62nd Snack Brigade, has been lost for nearly a week. His family said he’s most likely just out getting laid.

God bless you for your service, sir. We should all be so lucky as to have an amazing person like you to exploit for personal gain. The founders would be so proud.

God bless America.

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