Federal Agents Investigating Clinton Foundation Killed In Massive Explosion


Three federal investigators who had been working on a case involving the Clinton Foundation have been killed in a massive explosion in Colorado.

The three agents were assigned to the Denver field office of the little known Federal Corruption Accountability Task Force, which was formed by then Attorney General Bill Barr in 2018 after former President Donald Trump signed an executive order to create the task force.

One of the primary targets of the three agents had been the Clinton Foundation, which has long been suspected of corruption and even murdering those who were investigating it.

The agents had been traveling to South Park, Colorado in order to serve a warrant at the home of one of the employees of the Clinton Foundation when their vehicle spontaneously combusted in a fiery explosion on I70. All three were instantly killed.

In a press conference, task force spokesperson Cletus Derpfinger expressed his outrage at the killings:

“Not only did we lose three dedicated public servants, but all the evidence compiled to date was in that car. Everything was destroyed; laptops, emails, accounting records, everything.

We were literally weeks away from charging both Bill and Hillary Clinton with a mountain of crimes, and now we not only have to start all over again, but we also have to bury three of our own.

We will not rest until we find those who perpetrated this heinous crime. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims.”

Those killed were Kenny McCormick, 9, Stan Marsh, 10, and Eric Cartman, 10. All were from South Park Colorado.

May they rest in pieces and may their memory be a blessing.

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