Family of ‘Victim’ Files Multi-Million Dollar Suit Against Kyle and Wendy Rittenhouse

The family of Joseph Rosenbaum, the man Kyle Rittenhouse shot in self-defense, has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against him and his mother. Wendy Rittenhouse, 54, wasn’t present when Rosenbaum died.

The family is claiming that because Rosenbaum was unarmed and not an actual threat to Kyle, that he should share his GoFundMe donations with them. So far, patriotic Americans have given Kyle nearly $40 million in free money.

According to court documents, the family has already moved to have Rosenbaum’s record removed from evidence, as they don’t see it as relevant.


They don’t seem to understand that being acquitted means that Kyle is hereby retroactively appointed God’s warrior on Earth, and everything he did credited to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

The gay one approves.

The spokesman for the Rittenhouses, Skip Tetheluda, says they’re not taking the suit seriously:

“A jury acquitted hi. We all know from history that evryone now has to apologize to him and he gets to sue anyone who doesn’t. That’s just the way it goes.”

These people really should just do themselves a favor and read the Magna Carta. It’s the foundation of our entire judicial system, and those who don’t understand it are bound to re-read it. Or something like that.

God bless America.

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