Democrat Governor Admits There Is No Widespread Voter Suppression

Democrat Governor Janet Mills of Maine has gone on the record about the “widespread voter suppression” the left keeps rambling on about. In a statement about a different issue, Mills touched on the subject.

She was specifically asked if she was concerned about widespread voter suppression, and she said, “no.” When pressed further, she said it out loud, as plain as day:

“There is no widespread voter suppression…that I can see.”

And there you have it, patriots. She said it. Make sure you let everyone know she said it.

In Trump’s America, you can have your cake and eat it, too.

Mills’ office responded to our request for comment with a whole bunch of “blah blah you chopped the quote blah blah that’s all out of context” type stuff, so in the interest of journalistical integrity, here’s the entire quote, after the patriotic cake that sent the true believers clicking away on shiny ads:

“There is no widespread voter suppression in the state of Maine, that I can see. We’re not some backward-thinking red hell hole. We secured our election procedures and made it as easy as possible for everyone to vote, regardless of party, safely and securely.”

There you have it, patriots. She admits they want everyone to vote, even the illegals. And there’s my next headline.

God bless America.

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