Biden Lapdog Merrick Garland Dismisses Case Against Hunter Biden

Merrick Garland was handed a folder of evidence proving that Hunter Biden was guilty of everything Trump and Mike Lindell accused him of, and he shredded it.

He tore it up and walked away, refusing to act on real intelligence that Hunter Biden was a global threat to democracy.

Now, President Trump, who is patiently awaiting his reinstatement, wants Joe Biden to explain why. In a message sent out over his social media network, Trump demanded that Biden do the right thing:

“Sometimes the father has to do things the son won’t like, and even though the son doesn’t want to do it, the father says so, and the father says go, and the son says do, and the father is so. And so, the father and the son. They’re a great team. They do great things. And then there’s peace. And we are at peace.”

Well said, sir. Well said. Most won’t be able to comprehend that phrasing or get the Nitschke reference, but that’s okay. We trust you and we trust your words.

Garland says he’s under no obligation to investigate anyone. Our sources have confirmed that Hunter gave Garland 8K shares of stock in Burisma right around the time he destroyed the report. Those stocks are worth eleventy hundred million dollars.

Lock him up. God bless America.

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